Accessing Education: Language Integration of Syrian Refugee Children 2016

The British Council and the Institute Francais in Lebanon in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) initiated a program called “Accessing Education: Language Integration for Syrian Refugee Children (ACCESS)”. The aim of the program was to mitigate the drop out of Lebanese and Syrian children, increase their retention and integrate the Syrian students into the Lebanese schools through introducing two teaching approaches, namely pleura-linguistic and socio-linguistic approach.

The Centre for the Lebanese Studies assessed the training program after its two years of duration. The evaluation aimed to investigate whether students’ language acquisition has been facilitated and supported when sociolinguistic and Plura-linguistic approaches incorporated in teaching and whether the training delivered to trainers, teachers and Guidance and Counsellors succeeded in shifting teachers practice in the classroom.


Rapid Need Assessment of The Psychosocial Needs of Public Schools in Lebanon 2016

Commissioned by Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) , the Centre for the Lebanese Studies conducted a rapid needs assessment of the psycho-social needs of public schools in Lebanon. The assessment aimed at enhancing the understanding of GIZ of the circumstances and context in which the project team will work in their three year project “Tackling the causes of displacement, reintegrating refugees’. The project aimed at improving psychosocial support for school children and their parents in addition to school staff. Before commencing with the study, a literature review was conducted on available research on the psychosocial needs of Syrian refugees in general and children enrolled in education. In order to investigate the research questions, the study adopted both quantitative and qualitative instruments. 126 students were surveyed and 49, 10 principals, 8 teachers, 32 parents and 2 counsellors were interviewed.


A Mapping of Donors Supporting the Education of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon 2016

Commissioned by the German Ministry of Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ), the Centre for Lebanese Studies conducted a donor mapping for the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbiet( GIZ).  The mapping aimed at identifying major donors involved in funding projects in the fields of school rehabilitation and psychosocial support in Lebanon. The mapping  sought to provide GIZ with an understanding of the conditions of building infrastructure of the Lebanese state schools and the conditions of psychosocial wellbeing of students, parents and staff at schools prior to implementing the project ‘Tackling the causes of displacement, reintegrating refugees’.