Constellation Therapy: A Systemic Approach to Healing Trans-generational Trauma

Building on the success of the ‘Healing the Wounds of History: Addressing the roots of violence” conference that was held in November 2011 in Byblos,Lebanon, a three day workshop on “Constellation Therapy: A Systemic Approach to Healing Trans-generational Trauma” took place in Bssous, Lebanon, on the 29, 30, 31 of March, 2012. Facilitated by Matthew Pruen and Gaye Donaldson.

The workshop on “Constellation Therapy: A systemic approach to healing trans-generational Trauma” focused on systemic constellation work, which is a practical and profound way of broadening the perspective of individuals and groups involved with conflict.

It is best practiced in a group and learnt experientially. It draws on our innate, somatic knowledge of how our sense of belonging is supported or threatened. It highlights the impact of trauma from previous generations on the events of our own and can free us from loyalties that can be destructive or unhealthy. At the heart of it all is a desire to cultivate respect and compassion for the “other” by stepping into their shoes, and learn to become “good ancestors” for the next generation.

Participants’ Feedback:

The Workshop was attended by 25 participants, who found the experience of constellations to be beneficial, enriching, and enlightening. Some of the participants’ feedback is shared below:

“The constellation workshop was a wonderful experience. I found the method very enlightening and helpful in revealing hidden blockages and issues that are at the root of our personal or societal dynamics.

The most powerful revelations for me personally, within the workshop occurred when I had to stand in for the role/entity of the war in Lebanon. The manner in which I gained new perspective and understanding of the war, its purpose, and its inevitability because of the past, was an incredible revelation to me, which has somehow triggered a shift within as regards the war and its ongoing consequences in Lebanon.”
Gaye and Matthew are truly wonderful facilitators. The manner in which they guided us through the 3 days of constellation workshop was very effective and instructive. Their generosity, insight, and approach played a key role in making the event a success, and I look forward to attending other workshops given by them.

I highly recommend the constellation workshop and these facilitators to anyone who is interested in gaining a deeper understanding of trans-generational issues, not only at a personal level, but also as regards their societal/family collective. it not only serves to shed light on to hidden facets/elements. but also genuinely creates the space for a shift/movement/change to occur .
Last but not least, I have to thank the our host and organizer of the event Alexandra Asseily for her generosity in every way in making this workshop possible, and for holding in such a special place as the Silk Museum. The venue itself, played a huge role in making the dynamics of the event such a positive experience.”

“The workshop on constellation was great I took a great benefit from it, especially concerning our relations to our ancestors and how important is to listen to the voice of our spirit through the voice of the body, In fact I was still thinking about this subject , the impact of our ancestors on our life, and I am praying to see more clearly. I received yesterday a confirmation from the lord when the priest who traveled with us spoke about this fact, but of course through the Christian point of view.

I am convinced more and more that it is something very real and true, and in consequence, very important for healing the wounds of our history.”

“It was a great moment spent at Bsous and a very interesting experience. I liked Gaye and Mathew, their personality, their competence and patience. I liked the participants who seemed very considerate. I liked the place, the food and your hospitality.

I personally did not like the constellation on the country as much as the work done on individuals which had much more impact on my understanding of the whole process.”

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