I am a student of Twelver Shiism and Lebanon, respectively the subject and site of my doctoral research. While trained as a social anthropologist much of my work is heavily textual, I see the practice of any literate intellectual tradition to be acts of interpretation, hence only fully understandable through the study of texts. I am an Egyptian who carried out extensive fieldwork in Egypt, and who wrote for academic publications and newspapers alike on its politics and society. For more than ten years I earned my living in the field of international development across the Middle East. For the last five years I worked at the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies in Doha, Qatar, where, with the help of colleagues, I developed the MA in the Study Contemporary Muslim Societies in collaboration with the University of Oxford, and led the establishment of the Center for the Study of Contemporary Muslim Societies and initiated much of its activities. I have an MA and an M.Sc. (respectively in Sociology / Anthropology and Social Anthropology, from the American University in Cairo and the University of Oxford) and a Doctorate in Social Anthropology (also from the University of Oxford). My most recent publication projects address perceptions of history and nationalism in Lebanese Shiism, and the changing nature of religious authority in the same field. I am also working on preparing my doctoral dissertation, which studied the Shii majalis al-aza (mourning sermons) that commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Husayn, a subject seldom addressed in academia in spite of its overarching importance.

Samer is currently organising a conference entitled “Arab Shia and Shiism vs. Wilayat al-Faqih” on the 1st of Juneat St Anotnoy’s College

Email Samer selkaranshawy@gmail.com