Reform for Citizenship Education in Lebanon

In Sept 2012, the Centre for Lebanese Studies, the Institute for Education at University of London, Lebanese Association for Educational Studies (LAES) and Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT) established a consortium and won the bid to implement a citizenship education reform initiated by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE)  and funded by the European Commission EuropeAid/131-916/M/ACT/LB.

The programme translates the third priority of the National Education Strategy developed by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) in 2010. This project supports all the activities of one of its ten components, Citizenship Education. Reform for Citizenship Education includes three main activities:

  • Evaluate and develop the citizenship education curricula and its learning and teaching resources.
  • Teachers and administrator to implement active citizenship program.
  • Develop democratic school environment through parent and student councils and community service programs.

In Sept 2012, the project was launched at the Ministry of Education with the presence of the General Director and citizenship committee members and relevant stakeholders.

For 30 months the consortiums members will work closely with the Education Ministry to enhance its capacity in planning, implementing and monitoring of the education sector reforms. The project specific objectives will focus on:

  • Update the citizenship education curriculum and textbooks to promote active citizenship behaviours among students
  • Train teachers, school principals and administrative staff to foster the concepts and implement the practices of active citizenship,
  • Enhance the role and function of Parent Councils, establish Student Councils and develop students’ capacity and empower them to participate in the school’s life,
  • Pilot a community service program in 100 public secondary schools
Funded by European Commission

Funded by European Commission

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